Tuesday, October 19, 2010

M3-26 News Part 4

O+N Factory will be releasing their first ever (?!) "Men's Vocal Album", titled pendulum. Even the cover art reflects the notion that this album is all about the guys.

Back in C75, Chata released an unusually dark CD called Housan Souka (you can find it on the blog). Now, Chata is teaming with gienah once again to bring us Housan Souka II. The theme will centre around six different ways of saying "ai".

-PF AUDIO- will be releasing a new single called Achillea. Participating vocalists include Usa, Erika, and Kiyono.

Finally, one of the mega projects of the event, Rosenkreuz, will be releasing its first album Genesis ~Tuzzy Muzzy~. Headed by Mr. G, the new circle includes members such as Ouri (Ether), Takanashi Mako, Yuu (kito) and others.

The other mega project is aptly named October 31, an album about "love, passion, and friendship". Notable participants include Konno Sei (Starry Garden), Tsukiko, Ryo (Ether), Yuizuki Sora (Soranetarium), circle Matrica etc. Lotus root Orchestra's Yuka will be responsible for illustrations.

One final note: Rokugen Alice won't be participating in M3-26.

The list of participants is up on the M3 official homepage.

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