Monday, October 18, 2010

M3-26 News Part 3

I'll be busy starting next week and for the entire month of November, so I might not be able to update very often in the coming weeks. I'll try to post a few M3-26 releases when I have time, but that probably won't happen till at least one to two weeks after M3-26. Therefore, I ask for your patience.

In any case, onto the news.

Hoshina Yuko will be releasing a new single, titled 箱庭トライアングル (Hakoniwa Triangle). Demo tracks are up.

mimei will be releasing a free CD called 金平糖花 (Konbeitouka). It will contain two tracks.

Nota e Petalo will be releasing their 4th mini album titled 赫い星 -prologo-.

AnkMoa will be releasing what they call a "winter hotpot CD". Titled 冬鍋盤, it will contain eight tracks by eight different vocalists, including yuiko, Yuna, Hayama Riku, Tamari, Ikeda Show and more.

Circle KSK will be releasing 2 CDs, featuring vocalists Yuna and Hayama Riku respectively. Yuna's single will be called One Night Step, and Riku's will be called Lokiの口論.

Stretta di Mano's Tsukiko will be collaborating with Hoshineko Sounds on an ethnic music album called LUNA*RUMA. Main vocal and chorus will be provided by Tsukiko and KANO (that's the name Hoshineko Sounds' Kanoto Yohsuke uses when he does vocal work). Takanashi Mako will be the guest vocalist, and she'll also be providing the chorus part.

Tsukiko and Takanashi Mako will also be collaborating on another project with the circle Tinkerbell Sound Label, a "sound label which made alternative fantasy gothic main". The album will be called Ophelia ~The True Tale Lost in a Secret Song~.

Starry Heaven's Konno Sei will be releasing the 1st single called Shooting Star.

Matrica will be releasing their 2nd single, titled Neuntoter.

I've mentioned in my previous post about Momomikan's new mini album, Switch Off. Apparently, they will also be releasing a second mini album called Switch On. Vocalists include nayuta, Luna*, 白羽美依, and 仲村芽衣子.

Toki no Skip will return with a 5th CD called Circus Wonder. Demo is up on the website.

In case you've missed it, Asriel will be releasing their 11th album, titled 薔薇の棺に太陽は在らず. Sample tracks are available.


  1. Thanks for the update, personally I don't mind any delays, you've done so much for us already :)

  2. I am wondering if there's any way to ship those releases overseas... I would like do buy at least Asriel and Cleshe, but it's possible from here (Brazil)?