Saturday, October 16, 2010

M3-26 News Part 2

Alieson's 11th Episode Album will be a remake of their 4th album, WIZARD~混沌を統べる魔術師と月虹の傀儡~. The remake will be called WIZARD~混沌を統べる魔術師と月虹の傀儡~ ANASTASIS. It will contain all the songs from the original, plus a new song called Phantom_Amethyst.

RomariaCrusade will also be releasing their 11th album, titled A×A 二律背反寓意物語 (Niritsu Haihan Guui Monogatari). It will contain seven songs inspired by individual tarot cards.

RomariaCrusade's resident vocalist Takanashi Mako will be releasing a new album called 隻眼のウェルブム (Sekigan no Verbum) under her personal circle name, Utanoha.

Mako will also be participating in Momomikan's mini album, Switch Off. Other vocalists who will join her include Mamyukka's Mameko, ちな (Chi-na), and 谷口架音 (Taniguchi Kanon).

After taking a little break, enfance fini is back in business with a new album titled スペクトラ (spectla).

Lolita Neurosis' Amami Rimiyu will be releasing her new single メトロノームとファジィ論理 (Metronome to Fuzzy Ronri), which was originally scheduled to be released at C78.

bassy, one of the mastermind behind Barbarian On The Groove, will be releasing his first personal album, titled ワンダー・フルワールド (Wonder Full World). Chata, Annabel and 折井理子 (Orii Motoko) will be serving as vocalists.

浮森かや子 (Chikamori Kayako) will be releasing a new single called メメント・モリ (Memento Mori), under her personal circle name, 幼蚕文庫 (Yousan Bunko).

In addition, Kayako has teamed up with vocalist and voice actor 黒崎キリト (Kurosaki Kirito) to form a new circle called 白黒ヰズム (Monochorism). They will be releasing their first single, aptly named 白黒ヰズム (Monochroism), at M3-26.

Lotus root Orchestra is releasing a new single called Caps! More details to follow.

A relatively new Gothic-like circle Cleshe will be releasing their first album, titled Noir Chocola. The circle consists of two members, Karasuyama (music) and Nayuna (vocal).

Asriel will be releasing their 11th album, titled 薔薇の棺に太陽は在らず. There'll be 6 tracks in total. Sample tracks are already up.


  1. What about Asriel? in official site, coming soon [2010.10.31] Asriel 11th Album - 薔薇の棺に太陽は在らず

  2. The announcement wasn't there yesterday, but thanks anyway.