Tuesday, October 12, 2010

M3-26 News Part 1

binaria will be releasing a new single, titled delightful doomsday. It will contain three songs plus two instrumental tracks.

RUN GIRLS RUN's Fukami Chie will be releasing an album called Dear Dasenka. Staff members include bermei.inazawa, kissa, and yoshizawa.

Primary's latest will be an album called each. Not much info beyond that at this point.

Ikeda Show will be releasing her 6th album, titled Borderline. It will contain 7 tracks. Samples are already up.

Mamyukka is going for the Arabian Nights mood this time around. The single will be called Sahara Musica. 3 tracks in total.

Corky Voce returns with a new album called The Secret Night. This time around, it seems they will be going for a more child-like, fantasy-themed mood. The album will include the song Sherry, along with eight other new songs. Sample tracks are up on the website.

Alieson has announced that they will be participating in M3-26. Expect more info soon.

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  1. I can't wait to hear some releases from M3-26! Especially, the Arabian Nights album from Mamyukka.
    I know it's a bit old but I would love to find their album from M3-25 "Nightmare Opera".