Thursday, August 12, 2010

C78 News Part 6

Last minute news before the big day.

Hatsuki Yura is collaborating with composer Fujita Mari (藤田真梨) on a new "romantic dark goth" album called 少女の秘密と鍵穴 (Shoujo no Himitsu Kagiana). Fujita Mari is notable for her work with singer Kuraki Mai.

Kimi no Museum is releasing a new album called Viator de memoria - Episode I -. It will likely be a usual mix of music and voice drama.

Lolita Neurosis' latest CD has been delayed. It won't be released till M3-26 in the fall.

Enfance fini is releasing a demo CD for the upcoming new album, spectla. The demo CD itself will be called spectla:demo, while the full album will be releasing in the fall.


  1. Thanks, I was searching for some Hatsuki Yura oficial source =)

  2. Um i have a request but it's from C77 do you think you'll be able to get it??? I think it's by Lotus Root Orchestra... not so sure...