Sunday, August 8, 2010

C78 News Part 5

Lots of news now that C78 is nearly upon us.

Primary will be releasing their 5th single, titled 月 (Tsuki).

Mintea, under her circle name Teadrops, will be releasing her third album, Amarillys. The last time she released original material is back in M3-23, and it was called Secret Enamel.

G protein-coupled receptor's next release will be a mini album called Splicing Variant. Guest vocalists will include Chata, Yuna, and kaya.

And speaking of Chata, she will also be releasing a new album under her circle name Usagi Kinoko. The album is called 落日 (Rakujitsu). bassy, who composed the music for Chata's eclipse, will once again take over the role of composer.

Shoujo Byou has released info on their second C78 release. It's called 告解エピグラム (Kokkai Epigram), and like Seiren, it is also an original fantasy album. Seiyuu Koyasu Takehito and Tange Sakura will be lending their voices to the album. Mitsuki and Lico will be the vocalists.

love solfege', as a gesture to celebrate its 10th anniversary, looks back on the first half of the circle's life and produces a new album to reflect its old style. The album is called 墟律のサンプル (Kyorichi no Sample). Vocalists include ayu and Ayano Eiri (who joined the group as lead vocalist last year), as well as marie, Jenya, Kusunoki Suzune, and Sakuraba Wakana.

Pixelbee, a circle that has worked with Shoujo Byou on many occasions, is producing an album based on mangaka Yoshizuki Kumichi's (whose best known work is probably as the artist behind the manga series Mahou Tsukai ni Taisetsu na Koto) artwork. The album will be called Panoram a Note. Participating artists include Chata, Clock Music, Funczion Sounds, Yuzuki, Luca, Hana, HIR, Sentimental Vector and more.

Speaking of which, Sentimental Vector will be releasing a best album, titled one.

Mamyukka will be releasing a Evilz+1 CD called Heel Complex to commemorate the re-release of Evilz. The CD will contain the title track sung by Mameko.

Shikata Akiko's Vagrancy is once again releasing an orgel arrange mini album, called 虹色クレヨン (Nijiiro Crayon). It contains tracks from the Ar Tonelico game and subsequent music CD series and others.

After the release of their compliation album at M3-25, encounter+ will be releasing an all new single called genom.

And finally, Nakanai Kimi... will be releasing their Umineko Motion Graphic vol. 7, based on Umineko no Naku Koro ni Episode 6. The title of the new UMG will be called なかない君と贖いの幻想 アマネウタ (Nakanai Kimi to Naki no Gensou Amane Uta). A 30-sec demo clip is up on the website.

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