Tuesday, August 3, 2010

C78 News Part 4

The first of two Shoujo Byou releases at C78 will be called Seiren -彼方に謡う哀憐の姫- (Seiren -Kanata ni Utau Airen no Hime), an original fantasy album with Mitsuki as the lead vocalist.

Usa Colony will be releasing a full album titled うさころ よん (Usakoro Yon).

Queen of Wand's latest album will be エスの揺り籠 (Esu no Yurikago), with girl's love in the summer as the main concept.

Misawa Aki, whom I've already mentioned will be the vocalist for Oshima Hiroyuki's new CD Harmonia, will also be releasing an album under the name of her circle, Aki no Sora. The album is called 夏花の影送り (Natsu Hana no Kage Okuri). Participating composers include bermei.inazawa, onoken, Morrigan and others.

PolyphonicBranch will be releasing an album called Paradiso. Vocalists will include Hana (Usa), kikuyo, nayuta, Yanagi Mami, and Yanagi Nagi.

RomariaCrusade's 11th album will be トナリノダレカ-unknown from XX- (Tonari no Dareka -unknown from XX-). This album is related to several of their past albums.

Yuu Yuu Sound Factory has changed its name to Land-YOU, though the URL for the site remains the same. For their first release under the new circle name, they have invited Takanashi Mako as the vocalist for their single, SAMSARA.


  1. Awesome, I'm really hyped up for the Shoujo Byou releases now :D

  2. about time! 2 ShoujoByo releases.
    and no Chibicco Folk?

  3. To aoi_azzura,

    There is no announcement yet as to whether or not Chibicco Folk will be releasing a new CD. It's possible there won't be a new release.

  4. Double awesome. PolyphonicBranch will included 3 of my fave Nico Douga singers.

  5. くそおおおお
    almost nothing of utanoha and RomariaCrusade ;_;
    the last thing i foun is さかしま月の歌...