Monday, April 19, 2010

M3-25 News Part 4

So many new releases... Some of the circles, such as Ether, MiddleIsland, and Queen of Wand, have announced they are working on their M3-25 projects, but haven't posted any details yet. I will post them here as soon as more info is available.

Now onto the news.

Ataiwa Dareka's circle 流浪の民 (Rurou no Tami) will be releasing a single called 戦乙女と呼ばれた少女 (Ikusa Otome to Yobareta Shoujo). Ikusa Otome refers to Valkyrie in Norse mythology, hence this should give you an idea of what the theme of this single will be.

Utanoha's 小鳥遊まこ (Takanashi Mako) will be very busy this year. She has announced not one, but two new albums to be released at M3-25. One of them is called Half-Realism, which will be leaning towards pop. The other is called 箱庭レーゾンデートル (Hakoniwa Raison d'etre), a "dark fantasy" as Mako describes it. Additionally, RomariaCrusade's (a circle to which Mako is a member of) 9th album さかしま月の歌 (Sakashima Tsuki no Uta) will also be on sale at M3-25.
Takanashi Mako's website:
RomariaCrusade's website:

And speaking of solo projects, 星名優子 (Hoshina Yuko) will be releasing her 4th solo album, titled Symphony Love. Zai-Dang will be the guest vocalist.

後藤ハルキ (Gotoh Haruki), under the circle name A Little Bit, will be releasing a new single called Midnight Lover. The concept behind this single will be the "romance of a grown-up girl". In case you aren't familiar with her work, she has participated in Mamyukka's M3-24 album, Evilz, in addition to various doujin voice drama.

remof, a circle that dabbles in both music CD and voice drama, will be releasing their 3rd album called Friend. Vocals will include Fukami Chie, 片羽ゆず (Kataha Yuzu), 春海ちかげ (Haruumi Chikage) and others.

Polyphonic Branch's latest will be a vocal mini album named Re:Birth, in the same vein as their C77 release, Re:collection. Vocalists will include kikuyo, Chata, yanagi yagi, リツカ (Ritsuka), and ルシュカ.

There is an interesting and relatively new circle named Cocon that caught my attention. The circle consists of vocalists 柚宇 (Yuu) and 千琥 (Chiko), illustrator 齋藤信乃 (Saitou Shino), and violinist 西宮 (Nishinomiya) They will be releasing two albums, Zephyros, which has a faintly ethnic blend, and ココグースvol,1 (Cocogoose vol. 1), a dark fairy tale-like concoction.

劇団フォレスト (Gakyua Forest), who released their first album Yume Kowashi Kitan at M3-24, will be releasing their second CD titled また会う日まで、サヨナラ (Mata au hi made, Sayonara), a Japanese-style music CD.

Studio Kurage released their first album 真夜中のピアニッシモ (Mayonaka no Pianissimo) at M3-24, and they have returned with their second CD called ぼくたちの変拍子 (Boku-tachi no Henhyoushi). Vocalists will include Chata, foolen, 緑坂亜綾 (Midorizaka Aaya), 南条あきら (Nanjo Akira), and Nina Branch.

Relating to Midorizaka Aaya, she has formed a new circle with 冬虫夏草's (Touchuukasou) じゅん (Jun), called Matrica. And they will be releasing their first single Parca.

Oops, I went overboard again with the news...


  1. Are you going to upload Hoshina Yuko's "Symphony Love"? I swear that I'm dying to hear this album.

    Anyways, nice news!

  2. The album has been posted. Enjoy!

  3. Could you upload RE: Birth by PolyphonicBranch? Because I've noticed that you have mentioned it on this post and I already spent months trying to find the album for download. Thanks for reading ^^