Wednesday, April 21, 2010

M3-25 News Part 5

I'm going out of control with all these M3-25 news, I realize.

Rokugen Alice has finally put up a page dedicated to their upcoming album, Madam Violet. Sample track is available on the site. The story will centre on the aforementioned Madam Violet, and each of the seven songs will depict a turning point in her life. This setting for this album will apparently have some relation to that of their C75 album, Guren no Shoujo ~Sono Na wo Yobu wa, Shinigami Nari~.

Yuka of Lotus root Orchestra will be teaming up with Kanazuki of Armonia and Hirosawa Kendi of Team.▼ on a new single titled ノートの余白 (Note no Yohaku) under the circle name Cafe;Chiffon.

NAKI of ないしょの音楽館 (Naisho no Ongakukan) will be releasing her third album called SUNNY DAYS, the style of which is tilted towards soft ballad and pop. She has previously participated in Barbarian On The Groove's compilation album, op.Comrade.

うたたねりんご (Utatane Ringo), a circle formed in 2009 which includes as its members 朱色 (Syuiro) on vocal and 飛鳥硝子 (Askagarasu) as composer, will be releasing their first album インソムニア (Insomnia). Their music leans towards the rockish flair. Incidentally, Askagarasu has collaborated with Starry Garden's Konno Sei on several of her albums, including her upcoming album, Zwei Sterne.

Speaking of Zwei Sterne, one of the composers, 鈴葉ユミ (Suzuha Yumi), will be releasing her new mini album, Rinascente, under the circle name 鈴葉屋 (Suzuhaya).

And last but not least, AP Sounds will be releasing a compilation album featuring songs they have composed for various web voice drama. The album will be called ~廻響ファンタジア・ロマン~ The world in somewhere 2. Vocalists include the aforementioned Syuiro and Suzuha Yumi, as well as Takanashi Mako, 雹雅雪 (Hyouga Yuki), 零 (Zero, a duet vocal group) and others.

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  1. Oh, no! I'm very grateful for your info posts. Thank you for the continual updates :')