Friday, April 16, 2010

M3-25 News Part 3

Alieson has posted information about their 10th Episode Album, coinciding with their 3rd anniversary, on their website. The album will be titled "Psalmi" 「BORDER LINE~閉鎖病棟監禁秘記~」 (Border line ~Heisa Byoutou Kankin Hiki~). As implied by the title, the story will center around a girl who is imprisoned in a white-coloured room. The page for the album, as well as track preview, is up on Alieson's website.

Preview tracks for Asriel's 10th album, 汝を照らす朧のアリア (Nanji wo Terasu Obo no Aria), are up on Asriel's website. A picture of what looks to be the cover art is also up. Sample tracks are now available on their website.

The cover art for Rokugen Alice's Madam Violet is now available for viewing on their website, but the webpage for the album is not up yet.

Lolita Neurosis' upcoming project has been revealed. It will be an album called forenoon for sleep/wonderland. Sample tracks are now available.

Hayama Riku of Dolphin Time has announced she will be releasing her 4th single, titled K's Music. Sample tracks for two of the songs are available.

Lotus root Orchestra's latest will be a single called ほしがたりのそら (Hoshigatari no Sora). Yuka will be responsible for most of the composition and vocal, with Fukami Chie as guest vocalist. Sample tracks for the first two songs are available.

In addition to releasing a new single under her own circle, Yuka will also be participating in a drama CD called Guilty/punishment as lead vocalist. Sample tracks for both the drama and the song are available for previewing on the website.

forest's hana will be releasing a single called Medley under the name hana*forest & usa*usacolony. There'll be 4 tracks in total; the sample track is up on the webpage.

Image Leaf Craft (I.L.C.) has announced they will be releasing their 4th vocal album, titled パラレルライフ (Parallel Life). The list of vocalists include Nakae Mitsuki, Marie, yuiko, Sakaue Nachi, and 紺野聖 (Konno Sei) of Starry Garden.

In related news, Starry Garden will be releasing their 3rd album, called Zwei Sterne. The theme of the album will be "angel and fallen angel". Konno Sei will be responsible for vocal.

Soranetarium's Yuizuki Sora will be releasing her 3rd album called nostos*algos.

And finally (at least for now), primary's yuiko will be releasing her 5th album, titled indications. Sample tracks are up on the website.


  1. I saw about Primary's new release. I can't wait. ^__^

  2. Also, preview tracks out for that as well, on the site. (whee, I'll be buying it!)