Thursday, March 25, 2010

Voltage of Imagination & Fukami Chie

As you know, Fukami Chie of RUN GIRLS RUN has contributed the song Hitohira to Voltage of Imagination's C77 album, Kusoh Katsugeki. The song is based on Japanese novelist Sakaguchi Ango's famous work, Sakura no Mori no Mankai no Shita (桜の森の満開の下).

Now, Voltage of Imagination has announced that they will expand this concept into a mini album, with Fukami Chie responsible for composition, lyrics, arrangement and vocal. The mini album will be called Hana no Hate (花の涯), scheduled to be released on April 15. The mini album will contain seven tracks, including Hitohira.

Additional staff includes Annabel, who will provide vocal for track 4, and bermei.inazawa, who will take on the role of recording engineer. 憂, who was responsible for the artwork associated with Hitohira, will once again provide artwork for the mini album.


  1. oooo wow, I can't wait, please post the album when it comes out~

  2. i have searched for this album everywhere!
    no one uploaded it, it seems...

    i hope there's still someone who will x_x