Sunday, February 14, 2010

C77 Info Dump: Afternoon Lullaby

Clock Music - Watashi Iro no Ryuusen (私色の流線)
Consists mostly of soft ballads, this album contains songs from Clock Music's previous M3-24 release, sakura, as well as new composition.

FataMorgana & Mangetsu Cake Project. - Kogumo no Kokoro, Yume no Kaze (こぐまのこころ/夢の風)
A much delayed collaboration between YuNa and her real life older sister, Sakura Neko. This is the tale of a little bear named Theodore, and as expected, this album is a string of fluffy, adorable lullabies.

mimei - Zenmaijima Kitan (ぜんまい島綺譚)
The latest addition to mimei's toki-jiku series, with a markedly tone-down Japanese flair. Somewhat streamlined by mimei's usual standard, but the single is so compact that fewer tracks work well to mimei's advantage. The scenario behind this single is a murder mystery in the tradition of Edogawa Ranpo.

solfa - heart to heart ~from iyunaline to solfa 2~
solfa's second compilation album features tracks from 12 female vocalists, including Katakiri Rekka, Annabel, yuiko, Rita, Yanagi Nagi, Chata, Itou Kanako and others. The music leans towards the sugary pop variety.

Vagrancy - Fluff Original Arrange Mini Album
Shikata Akiko's orgel arrange mini album, songs include Umineko no Naku Koro ni and Katakoi from the Umineko mini album, and songs from Istoria ~Musa~.

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