Friday, April 2, 2010

M3-25 News Part 1 + Shikata Akiko

M3-25 is a month away, and several circles have announced what their latest projects will be.

Asriel has announced in their blog that they are working on a new album titled 汝を照らす朧のアリア.

Hatsuki Yura will be releasing two new works at M3-25. One will be a collaboration with Tsukiko on a "Respect Album" for the manga series 聖痕のクェイサー (Seikon no Qwaser), which has been adapted into an anime series earlier this year. Yura's second project will be a classical gothic project with vampires as the theme. More details will be available later.

Nota e Petalo will be releasing their second album called 顔のない肖像 (Kao no nai Shouzou).

Absolute Castaway's latest album will be titled 謎掛閑店 (Nazoka Kanmise), the concept of which will be Japanese-style fantasy. The webpage for the album is already up, so are sample tracks and CM.

Lolita Neurosis will be releasing "forenoon for sleep/wonderland". No word yet on whether it will be a single or an album.

In other news, Shikata Akiko will be responsible for the opening theme of HaccaWorks' upcoming BL visual novel, あかやあかしやあやかしの (Akaya Akashiya Ayakashino). HaccaWorks* is the doujin game circle that produces Hanakisou, a BL visual novel that Shikata Akiko provided the music for.

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