Sunday, January 24, 2010

C77 Info Dump: Bittersweet Pop and Assortment

A group specialized in creating doujin music for existing series, this time it brings along an image album for the cyberpunk anime series, serial experiments lain. It includes a remix version of Duvet, as well as other original tracks. Music-wise, the album conveys well the cold, chaotic, ambivalent atmosphere of the anime series.

Barbarian On The Groove - op.Comrade
BOG's 4-CD best album. The first 3 CDs are devoted to Shimotsuki Haruka, Marie, and Chata respectively. The fourth CD consists of songs sung by "various divas", including Katakiri Rekka, yuiko, Naki, Miglen, and others.

Corky Voce - Ambient Dreamer
Corky Voce comprises of Fujimiya Kei (composition, arrangement) and Hirose Sayaka (lyrics and vocal). They started out in 2008 with their first single Corky Voce, and Ambient Dreamer is their first album. This is J-pop at the edge of a razor blade.

forest - Lorelei -Die Lorelei-
hana's (also known as usa) mini solo album. Unlike the light pop/ballad from her collaboration with Kobayashi Onyx, this mini album has a slightly harder edge. Several members of Usa Colony, which hana is a part of, have contributed to this mini album. Track 3 features a duet between hana and RegaSound's Ramuda-jan.

MiddleIsland - FrizzellWeisen
Relentless flamboyance and bitterness in eight shot glasses, accompanied by piano and a violin that at times sings and at other times wails. This album features five songstresses: Mutsuki, Sakamoto Chiaki, Aosaki Shizuku, Yuka, and Murasaki.

Voltage of Imagination - Kusoh Katsugeki
A collection of pseudo anime songs, Kusoh Katsugeki is not a gem, but a jewellery box containing ten real gems. From MintJam's J-rock to Yanagi Nagi's energetic pop, from Shimotsuki Haruka's gentle folk song to Mitose Noriko's inorganic timbre, Katakiri Rekka's gothic twist and Fukami Chie's eerie oriental blend, this album has everything.

The final chapter to WAVE's four-part tribute to Type Moon. This album is derived from WAVE's previous Tsukihime arranged album, Tsukigatari, but with new arrangement and more guest vocalists. An arranged album should bring both something old and something new to the pre-established world, and this album is no different. Most notable is the first track and the final track, both of which are derived from the same BGM, with vastly different but no less inspiring result.

Note: ELEM. FABLE has a disc 2 that contains WAVE's older Tsukihime albums Tsukigatari and Tsukiteru -tu:ki- in mp3 format. Please leave a comment if anyone would like me to upload them.

As well, please leave a comment if you have any other request.

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