Sunday, January 31, 2010

C77 Info Dump: Midnight Serenade

Luna-Haze - Broken-Chord
Luna-Haze latest project is tinted with a jazzy vibe, and in the case of Itou Kanako's Last Melody, a bossa nova flavour. The voice drama component of this album is more easy to follow than Luna-Haze previous projects, which is not a bad thing at all. With Broken-Chord, Luna-Haze has struck a perfect balance between music and voice drama.

Maisie - Mellow (メロウ)
Maisie is a new group started out in 2009, formed by Nonomiya Ayumi (野宮あゆみ), Nashimoto Yui (梨本うい), and Akai Ryusei (紅い流星), all of them quite famous in Nico Nico Douga. Maisie's second mini album is a distinctly hybrid entry, comprising of jazz, pop, and rock. This group has the potential to become a unique presence in the doujin music world.

PolyphonicBranch - Re:collection
PolyphonicBranch has released quite a collection of vocaloid singles and albums in the past, but they have also released singles with real vocalists. Re:collection features vocalists kikuyo, Chata, b, and Yanagi Nagi. Relatively upbeat pop with just a shade of wistfulness, but the most interesting entry is the song heaven, an ethereal ballad sung by b, who was featured on Voltage of Imagination's Sonzai no Tadashisa ha Fuzai alongside Chata. If you are interested in her music, she has posted all her solo singles and albums on her website for free.
b's official website

Sayonara 20dai Seisaku Iinkai - Jiritsu ~Sayonara 20dai~ (而立 ~さよなら20代~)
A doujin musicians' farewell to their twenty-something-year-old self, with Chata on vocal. The album starts with Auld Lang Syne, then the style progresses onward as if the album itself is also growing up from the innocent, upbeat twenty to the mature, ambivalent thirty.

Sentimental Vector + Iemitsu. - none
A single featuring Chata on vocal, with a faint tint of binaria and RUN GIRLS RUN though with a more prominent sense of rhythm.

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