Monday, December 28, 2009

M3-24 Info Dump: J-Rock and Neo-Classical

Alieson - WORLDS END ~Boukyaku sare Iku Inochi no Kioku~ (忘却され行く命の記憶)

Alieson's music is like electric violin; it is something of a contradiction. One does not typically expect to hear a high register female voice in rock, but this is precisely the case with Alieson. A delicate, fragile female voice mixed with heavy rhythm rock makes for a very intriguing combination.

Asriel - Eien ni Sasageshi Itetsuki Nemuri (永遠に捧げし凍てつく眠り)

High-spirited from beginning to end, this is an infusion of spice and bitter, with just the slightest sprinkle of tender sweetness.

Ether - Eternal Blue-Advanced-

A remake of their second album, Eternal Blue. This is a story about two girls with vastly different backgrounds yet with a similar wish, told in what Ether describes as a "gothic sound". Organic anguish and struggle that is nonetheless presented with a certain symmetrical grace and a glimmer of hope.

Shirayuri no Kai (しらゆりの会) - Roses

A glorious noble court romance with a twist, this album fuses neo-classical elegance with rebellious rock. Sakurai Anna of Rokugen Alice is the female lead who seeks high power, and Mutsuki of Queen of Wands is the male lead who seeks self-beauty. Ryo of Ether, as the composer of the album, intrudes on the couple at one point for a three-way vocal tango.

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