Friday, November 20, 2009

M3-24 Info Dump: Golden Afternoon & Night Flight

I apologize for the delay. And this list is finally complete!

binaria - ALBA

Ephemeral and illusory, the voices of Annabel and yanagi nagi anchor the single so that it wouldn't float too high up the sky. The single is quite short, hence not much one could say about it, though track 2 is my personal favourite.

Funczion SOUNDS with Project Marigold - Utsukushii Sekai (うつくしいせかい)

Very, very pretty. It's hauntingly delicate, dreamy, and melancholic. The story behind the album is about a girl who has been sick all her life and a girl who is blind. They are staying in the same hospital, and one day they encounter each other in a dream, which marks the beginning of their friendship. marie (真理絵) and Marcia represent the two girls respectively; Project Marigold is the name they use for the duet. If I must recommend only one album from the entire M3-24 collection, this is it.

Lolita Neurosis - Gankyuu Hana*Boumoku Yamai (願朽花*望黙病)

The "sequel" to Amami Rimiyu's (麻観りみゆ) single Shounen Hana*Shoujo Yamai (少年花*少女病). Rimiyu has also participated in Gekidan Forest's first album Yume Kowashi Kitan. She specializes in piano solo and vocal with piano accompaniment. It's difficult to place her, but if I must, I would say she's the complete opposite of Nakajima Misaki's (MiddleIsland) furious, exuberant piano rendition. A girlish sound (and I don't mean moe) tinted with a dash of ruefulness, her music is pretty in a maiden-like sense.

Mameko (まめこ) - Honey Pop

The title sums up Mameko's first solo CD very nicely: it's pop-ish, light, and sweet. Mameko doesn't exclusively sing, she also lends her voice to doujin CD drama and web drama. Currently, she is Mamyukka's resident vocalist; she also belongs to CrownPearl, the duet vocal group she's started with Oriyama Kayo. Back to the CD itself, each track is like a different kind of petit four, yet the size is just right that it wouldn't come off as too sugary.

RUN GIRLS RUN - cocoons on codes

Similar to binaria in style, though slightly more grounded and organic, with a dash of childlike whimsy. If one were to compare binaria to clouds, then Fukami Chie would be more like water and raindrops.

Shirokagami (しろかがみ) - Dream Spell (ドリームスペル)

Very close to RUN GIRLS RUN in style, Fukami Chie being the guest vocalist is perhaps part of the reason. Like RGR, the instrumentation has a simple, organic texture. My impression of the music is that of a tranquil, minimalistic dream.

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