Wednesday, December 9, 2009

C77 News Part 2

I'm way behind on the C77 news, and I apologize for the delay.

AYUTRICA will be releasing its second album, titled The Rose Garden of Nightmare. It will include songs from its previous two singles plus new songs, so it appears the new album will be related to the setting of the singles.

Corky Voce's first album will be called Ambient Dreamer. Sample tracks are available on the website.

eme*R, 流浪の民's あたいわだれか (Ataiwadareka), and 黒川庵 (Kurokawa Umi; she has apparently worked with Absolute Castaway's Nakae Mitsuki a lot) have formed a new group called くろたみ (Kurotama), and they'll be collaborating on a project called 対の姫君 やさかたまひめものがたり, a music/voice drama album with a Japanese setting. eme*R will be responsible for the voice drama; Ataiwadareka on composition, arrangment, and vocal; Kurokawa Umi on lyrics. Lotus root Orchestra's Yuka will also be lending her singing voice to the project, along with her artwork (she uses the name ukan when she works on illustrations).

Laudese will be releasing a new album called fefnir. 沢水遥奈 (Sawamizu Haruna) herself will be responsible for most of the composition and lyrics, as well as vocal. Sample tracks are up on the site.

Lotus root Orchestra's upcoming single will be titled プラウドスノウ (Proud Snow?). Yuka will be responsible for composition, lyrics, arrangement, and vocal.

matiere and crouka join forces and produce a new alternative rock album called Aphrodita, with Ikeda Show on vocal.

solfa's latest will be a compilation album titled heart to heart ~from iyunaline to solfa2~. Quite a grand cast of vocalists, including Chata, Rita, Katakiri Rekka, Itou Kanako, Duca, Annabel, yanagi nagi, yuiko, コツキミヤ (Kotsuki Miya), 結月そら (Yuizuki Sora), 悠季 (yuki), and iyuna.

空色絵本 (Soraero Ehon) will be releasing a news single called 人影. Sample tracks are available.

Voltage of Imagination has released sample tracks for all the songs to be included in its latest project, Kusoh Katsugeki. As expected, it's sounding great. To listen to the sample tracks, just click on the little banners listed 1, 2, 3, etc.

Here's a certain intriguing release I've been wondering about for some time. Apparently a group of artists who are born in the year 1979 decided to get together and produce a graduation album titled 而立 〜さよなら20代〜 (literally "Goodbye, Twenties"). The aforementioned musicians include Chata, bermei.inazawa, zts, ESTi, Oshima Hiroyuki, k-shi, mewlist, interface, and くない瓜 (Kunaiuri). They even have a profile for each of them on the website.

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