Tuesday, November 17, 2009

C77 News Part 1 + Katakiri Rekka

The website for Voltage of Imagination's C77 album, Kusoh Katsugeki, has officially opened. They seem to have paired up vocalists with composers they've worked before. Annabel and bermei.inazawa formed anNina; Katakiri Rekka collaborated with Morrigan on Kara no Kyoukai image album; Shimotsuki Haruka worked with Oshima Hiroyuki on one of VoI's Orbital Maneuver album; Clock Music's ぺーじゅん has collaborated with Chata on quite a few projects, and so on. Sample tracks for three of the songs are up on the site.


In other news, Rokugen Alice has announced its latest album will be titled 骨董店 『Mystique』, and it looks like it's another tie-in with their earlier album, Omen of Seven.


Other groups that have announced they will participate in C77 at the moment include Alieson, FataMorgana, love solfege, Hana to Onyx, Lotus root Orchestra.

Katakiri Rekka has posted on her blog that she's suffering from a broken bone, and she's not allowed to walk or stand. Best wishes to her. Hopefully she will recover soon.


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