Saturday, September 26, 2009

More M3-24 News Part 2

Info of Alieson's 9th Episode Album has been released. The album will be titled WORLDS END ~忘却され行く命の記憶~. There'll be 8 tracks in total.

Asriel has set up a page for its 9th album 永遠に捧げし凍てつく眠り, as well as sample tracks.

Closed/Underground (Katakiri Rekka) will be releasing a "Zoku Sayonara Zetsubo Sensei" centric CD called 【片+霧+的】空想ルンバ/恋路ロマネスク(仮). 空想ルンバ (Kuusou Rumba) is the OP song sung by Ootsuki Kenji & Zetsubou Shoujo Tachi for the aforementioned anime OVA, and 恋路ロマネスク (Koiji Romanesque) is the C/W song for the OP single. I confess I have no idea what Rekka's CD will be about.

Eightmelodies will be releasing a 2-CD album combining music and drama; the theme of the story is based on Norse mythology.

FataMorgana has pushed back the release date for こぐまのこころ/夢の風; instead Yuna will be collaborating with Hayama Riku to release a 2-CD compilation of songs composed by Sentive.

Hatsuki Yura will be collaborating with Drop under the group name 清風明月 (SeifuuMeigetsu). The album will be called Hameln ~恋するマリオネット~ (Hameln ~Koisuru Marionette).

Lotus Root Orchestra will be releasing a new singled titled Monophobia.

mimei's latest will be called 虚の蝶の目隠し鬼. 7 tracks in total, 2 of them are vocals and the rest are instrumental.

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  1. Wow, finally, the Eightmelodies album will be released after more than a year of delaying it's release. Thanks for the info!