Wednesday, September 16, 2009

More M3-24 News

Several circles have released more info on their upcoming CDs to be released at M3-24.

Asriel has announced its 9th album will be titled 永遠に捧げし凍てつく眠り. (On a sidenote, Asriel will release its 4th major single "Sequentia" on Nov 27.) The cover art is up on the site.

Ether will be releasing its 5th album titled "Eternal Blue ~Advanced~", a remake of Ether's 2nd album "Eternal Blue" with three new songs and a new cover art by 子路ヒエラ (the same artist who drew the cover art for Ether's 4th album "Wish").

FataMorgana & 満月ケーキ・プロジェクト。 will be collaborating on a second CD named こぐまのこころ/夢の風. And it sounds like they are scrambling to get this CD done right now, so it might be possible the album will be delayed.
Edited: FataMorgana has officially announced that the album will be released at C77 instead of M3-24.

forest (hana) will be releasing a preview of its upcoming C77 CD at M3-24. The title will be 水槽.

Lolita Neurosis' latest will be 願朽花*望黙病, continuing the theme of 少年花*少女病. Sample track is available for download at the website.

Primary's (yuiko) 4th single will be called 空想マリオネット.

The Room of Show Ikeda will be releasing its 5th CD titled 旅立ちの朝に (On the Morning of My Departure).

In addition to that, Ikeda Show will be collaborating with 愛原圭織 (Melody) on a mini-album titled ちょこみんと.

Run Girls Run (fukami chie) has just revamped its website, as well as announcing the title for its upcoming maxi single: "cocoons on codes".

Solfa's latest will be titled 虹色ポップス, featuring Chata. No tracklist yet.

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