Wednesday, September 30, 2009

More M3-24 News Part 3

After two years of silence, binaria will finally be releasing a new single ALBA to commemorate its third anniversary.

銀色星砂糖楽団 (Giniro Konpeitou Gakudan) will be releasing an album called 幻燈パレード~phantasm parade~ (Gentou Parade ~phantasm parade~). It will feature vocals by Hatsuki Yura and Konori.

Middleisland's next single will be titled 裏切りの砂漠、ひとり白昼夢, with vocal by 紫 (Murasaki).

O+N Factory's latest will be 忘れられない贈り物, featuring vocals by Annabel, rhyme, 浮森かや子, 塩屋リコ, and 川村悠椰.

If you want to know a full list of the circles that will participate in M3-24, go here.

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