Sunday, August 23, 2009

C76 Info Dump #2

Here is the second part to my C76 info dump.

Alieson - rabbit ~冥王に仕えし繋囚の花嫁~
This is the sequel to Alieson's previous single rabbit~冥府の果実 / 硝子の肖像~, as well as Alieson's 8th Episode Album. The story is of the dark fairy tale tradition, which reminds me a bit of their 3rd episode album, versus~紺碧に沈む哀婉の乙女~.

Ayutrica - 眠りの森の金糸雀
Ayutrica started out at C75 this year with their first album, Ende der Träumerei, and they did pretty good.

Closed/Underground - Closed/Underground Chronicle 1999-2009 vol.02 Respect for Pioneers
Katakiri Rekka has finally released vol. 2 of the Closed/Underground Chronicle. Vol. 1 was released a long time ago...

Crystal Sphere - amorphous
Of the somewhat dreamy, mystical sound. I happen to quite like their past album Cathedral, but it's difficult to find this circle's work.

G protein-coupled receptor feat. 遊女 - Antagonism
With a jazzy beat. This is one of the albums I'm looking forward to but still haven't found yet. 遊女 (Yuna) is a recent favourite vocalist of mine. Her voice might not be perfect, but there is a certain unique charm about her.

Lotus Root Orchestra - 鈍色ジルコニア
I have terrible affinity with this circle, mainly because it's very, very difficult to come across their work except for the sample tracks on the website.

Voltage of Imagination - Go Ahead ~ Team Leviathan Chronicle / 全竜交渉部隊戦闘記録 
The fourth and final album of Team Leviathan Chronicle has been released under the title Go Ahead. Onoken is responsible for the composition. Misawa Aki, Chata, and Katakiri Rekka are responsible for lyrics and vocal.

This wraps up C76. M3-24, about to take place in October, will be next. I will bring you the info as soon as I find them.

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