Tuesday, August 18, 2009

C76 Info Dump

Sorry, no download this time. I know it's a bit late, but here are some info on C76, as well as my impression on some of the C76 albums I've listened to so far.

Absolute Castaway - Hanauta (華唄)
Gorgeous traditional Japanese folk songs. Undoubtedly one of the best releases. Then again, Absolute Castaway has been producing nothing but high quality work. Nakae Mitsuki is definitely a vocalist worth looking out for.

Hatsuki Yura - 東方来夢来人
Hatsuki Yura takes on Touhou.

love solfege' - cloisters' end and piano piece collection
love solfege' originally has a new work planned for C76, but the release has been delayed because one of the staff has fallen ill. Instead, they have released this piano solo album containing their previous work, as well as a piano score book.

Luna-Haze - Dies=Nova
After their initial success with their previous sound album Milde-Sorte ~ Constructed Minds~, Luna-Haze releases their second sound album, Dies=Nova. Like their previous album, this album is part sound drama by professional seiyuu and part vocal songs. This time, however, the story takes place in a medieval setting.

mimei - Mimeido Ibun ~Alternative Obscura~ (未明堂異聞)
Somewhat similar to Absolute Castaway's traditional Japanese sound, with a tint of Taishou romance. Surprisingly, there are only three vocal songs out of eight tracks. This circle is my personal favourite.

MW - 燐音 -RINNE-
A collaboration between Katakiri Rekka, Shimotsuki Haruka, and Hosoi Soshi (細井聡司). Definitely this year's highlight.

Oshima Hiroyuki (大嶋啓之) feat. Chata - Suimin Toshi (睡眠都市)
Oshima Hiroyuki has worked for Voltage of Imagination on several occasions and composed for Katakiri Rekka, Shimotsuki Haruka, and Chata. His latest doujin album features Chata on vocal. As the title implies, the music is relaxing and delicate, accenting Chata's healing voice well.

Rokugen Alice (六弦アリス) - Shinkou Shuukyou Bankakyou (新興宗教 万華教)
Rokugen Alice is one of those groups that I have to listen to multiple times in order to develop an impression. Lots of electric sound, which might sound a bit noisy, but when they quiet down, it's pretty refreshing.

Shoujo Byou (少女病) - Kuusou RPG! (空想RPG!)
Asriel starts off the album nicely, then the album descends to a parade of cute J-pop songs that aren't as endearing. The album picks up in the end with Yanaginagi's rock-ish Last Dance and Chata's folksong Aether Rain, supplying a nice ending to this slightly uneven album.

Shoujo Byou - Reimei Lorelei (黎明ローレライ)
I'm still digesting this one, but my initial feeling is that I like this one better than Kuusou RPG. Just my opinion, of course.

WAVE - Veridical Factor
Circle WAVE's latest offering is a Kara no Kyoukai image sound album featuring vocals by Katakiri Rekka, Annabel, Misawa Aki, and Fujieda Akane. And just so you know, the music is composed by Morrigan (WAVE), so it has nothing to do with Kajiura Yuki's KnK movie soundtracks.

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