Wednesday, August 26, 2009

C76 Info Dump #3

I had a feeling I'll need to start up C76 info dump #3, and I was right... I've discovered a relatively new circle that might be of interest.

はなとオニキス (Hana to Onyx) - ロスト・サマー (Lost Summer)
This is certainly a pleasant surprise. The circle consists of two members, はな (Hana) responsible for lyrics and vocal, and 小林オニキス (Kobayashi Onyx) responsible for composition and lyrics. This circle started out at C75 with its first single, 雨、からり。 (Ame, karari). This time they come back with an album. Their music is relaxing to listen to, boasting some very pretty composition; it has the feel of Run Girls Run and a little bit of binaria, though more pop-ish.

HUMMING LIFE feat. Chata - 春 (Haru)
Chata sure is busy this year. This is her collaboration with HUMMING LIFE. - Sakura
After their successful collaboration at C75 with the single Cocoon, mewlist and Chata join forces once again to produce a new single named Sakura.

Sugar plum Garden - Sky Garden
Sugar plum Garden is a circle formed by 橋本鏡也 (Hashimoto Kyouya, responsible for music) and 佳織みちる (Kaori Michiru, vocal). Katakiri Rekka participates as guest vocalist.

tieLeaf - ツイソウの窓
Contains only one song, written and sung by Shimotsuki Haruka, this single is a supplement to a novel written by the group tieLeaf.

Vagrancy (Shikata Akiko) - Istoria~Kalliope~ Orgel ver.
Also only contains one song and ties in with the "Istoria~Kalliope~" Special Book II.

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