Saturday, April 20, 2013

M3-31 News Part 2

Queen of Wand - Child Ghost Hour
8 tracks in total.

Mamyukka - Mamyukka Single Collection
The must-have if you've missed out on their singles, some of which are practically impossible to find nowadays (such as Heel Complex and Trick or Mamyukka).

Absolute Castaway - たれたれ☆たれらいふ (Taretare Tarelife)
5th single. A single featuring the mascot character created by Nakae Mitsuki.

Hatsuki Yura - ヴァルプルギスの夜の夢 (Walpurgis no Yoru no Yume)
Composers include Kouzuki Genya and Kai Yuu.

Run Girls Run (Fukami Chie) - Shortfilms
Chie's 4th mini album.

Eclipseed - La Blessure ~捧ぐ華脣~ (Sasagu Hana Kuchibiru)
Eclipseed's 1st alubm, a follow-up on their first 2 singles.

廃盤 vol. 1 ~Records out of production~
A project that takes songs from out-of-print CDs released by various musicians and circles and gathers the songs into an album. Participants include Chata, Nakamura Meiko, Fukami Chie, Misawa Aki, Annabel, bassy, NanosizeMir, Re:sonare, RocketeerTracks and Studio-Kurage.

Utanoha - 冥境アナムネーシス (Meikyou Anamnesis)
Takanashi Mako's new solo album.

bassy - 現代ポップスB (Gendai Pops B)
bassy's FOV series no. 3, this time featuring Chata.

mimei - 夜猫浪漫レコオド 予告篇 (Yoruneko Roman Rekoodo ~Preview~)
Couldn't get on the website at all. I just read about the release somewhere.

Hollow Mellow - Tangled Knot
"Darkness x Sickness fairy tale collection vol 2". It seems I missed vol. 1 when they released it? Vocalists include Masaki Erica, Chii Sakurabi, Miyahime Aya and Iruma Rioka.

unisonia - カフェ・ヘックス 魔女のいる喫茶店 (Cafe Hex ~Majo no Iru Kissaten)
Relaxing instrumental music CD, with a witch-operated cafe as the setting.

A lot of things have happened in the doujin music world lately. Aside from Alieson's disbandment, Lotus root Orchestra's Yuka is retiring from the doujin music realm. And now RomariaCrusade's Hoshimi Aoto was arrested, which means RomariaCrusade will cease operation now. But Takanashi Mako will still be around, and she's releasing a new solo album under Utanoha.

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