Thursday, April 4, 2013

M3-31 News Part 1 + Others

Alieson has announced that it has discontinued operation. In the meantime, Yun has mentioned on her blog that there is plan to restart Aliesia. In addition, she's planning to participate in the upcoming C84 on a solo basis. More information will be posted on her blog.

Rokugen Alice is holding its first one-man live on May 5 in Harajuku's Astro Hall. Yun will serve as video production and director. Please go to their website for more information.

Asriel - 黄昏の月と漆黒の太陽
New mini album.

anNina - ombre
Remember them? Annabel is the vocalist and bermei.inazawa is the composer. They will be releasing their 4th maxi single, and it will contain 6 tracks in total (2 new songs, 2 songs from Kusoh Katsugeki series and 2 instrumental tracks).

Starry Garden - Queen -Cruel Weiβ-
New album from Konno Sei.

Alice Eden - My Name is Alice
Speaking of Konno Sei, she is the new vocalist for the group Alice Eden. The group will release their 4th single, with Konno Sei as the lead vocalist, at M3-31.

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