Tuesday, December 25, 2012

C83 News Part 2

It's a bit late, but Merry Christmas!

Wave - Gate of Avalon
A Fate/Zero image album from Wave. With Katakiri Rekka and Nazuka Yuri (Lily) on vocal.

Yanagi Nagi - 星灯りの街灯 (Hoshi Akari no Gaitou)
Yanagi Nagi's new original album under Tam Star Records.

canoue - canoue~廻る羅針盤~ (canoue ~Mawaru Rashiban~)
arcane753, the circle consisted of Shimotsuki Haruka, Manyo and Hiyama Nao, has changed its name to canoue. Under their new circle name, they will be releasing their 1st original fantasy CD.

bassy - ロッキン・ラッキン・グッドバイ (Rockin' Rackin' Good-by)
bassy's FOV series no. 2, featuring Seriyu on vocal.

comareco - トランスペアレンツガール (Transparency Girl)
Featuring the golden combo, Annabel and myu, with Aoi Aki providing illustrations.

Land-You - SHAMBALLA -Fantasic Ballad 2005-
A re-recording of Kai Yuu's songs that were composed around 2005. It mainly features songs that "induces sleep".

Primary - SIN
Primary's 10th album.

kaede.org - 酣歌Ex Alc.0% (Kanka Ex Alc.0%)
An extra CD to the Kanka series. Two tracks. With Misawa Aki and Nakae Mitsuki on vocal.

Shoujo Byou will not be releasing a new CD at this year's winter Comiket. Instead, they will be releasing an art book.

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  1. Could I request Primary's album? I really like it, but I'm having some difficulty finding it...