Thursday, December 20, 2012

C83 News Part 1

Sorry about the lack of updates. I've been busy with other things lately.

Hatsuki Yura - 蜜薬ランガージュ (Mitsuyaku Langhage)
Yura's "original gothique album".

Eclipseed - 凍てついた紅蓮の炎に裁きを (Itetsuita Guren no Honoo ni Sabaki wo)
Eclipseed's 2nd single. 3 tracks in total. There's a demo for track 2, and I really like it.

Misawa Aki (Aki no Sora) - 無自覚ハーモニア (Mujikaku Harmonia)
Single. 1 song plus one instrumental track.

Ether - Gothic
Ether's 5th single, with death as the theme.

G protein-coupled receptor - Alloreactivity
5 songs plus 5 instrumental tracks. With Yuna, Chata and foolen on vocal.

FataMorgana - シンガーソングライター気取り (Singer-Songwriter Kidori)
New recording of old songs from Yuna's repertoire, plus new songs.

Rokugen Alice - 不思議の国の音哲樂 まやかし篇 先見 (Fushigi no Kuni no Ontetsuraku ~Mayakashi Hen Senken)
The lead-in single to Rokugen Alice's next album. The official page for the new release isn't up yet.

Sentimental Vector - 0と1 (0 to 1)
With Annabel on vocal.

Humming Life - マージナルブレンド (Marginal Blend)
The group's 3rd concept album. Something more relaxing and heart-warming for the winter. With Chata and Hinata Sora on vocal and chorus, and some lovely violin accompaniment by Hoshina Yuki.

Eryps - Life
More gentle songs performed by Chata. This is Eryps' 6th single.

Re:sonare - Imagine Pheasant
Re:sonare's 3rd album with Nakae Mitsuki on vocal.

In other news, due to sudden illness, love solfege will not be able to release Gaizensei Shinkaron II at C83 as planned. For more information, please check their blog.


  1. I've seen the trailer for the latest VOI (the one that got sasakure and deco in it) . the question : where can I see THOSE music video ? I'm dying to see the sasakure one (have searched on nico but to no avail)

    1. I don't think the full music video for each song actually exists. Kusoh Katsugeki 3 only contains the album itself and the booklet; it doesn't have a music video DVD.