Thursday, July 29, 2010

C78 News Part 3

More on Umineko-related releases and other releases.

Roundbooster Architexture has announced the official name of their new single, titled Re:Hymn. The single will include three songs, sung by Kino Nei, IZNA (who has performed the ending theme for the DS game Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Kizuna vol. 3), and Motoki Zakuro respectively.

Sunglasses Neko has put up the tracklist and the cover art for their new CD, called When They Sing vol. 3. Motoki Zakuro is the guest vocalist.

preholder is also releasing a new Umineko single at C78, to be called Millenary for Umineko no Naku Koro ni Chiru. There are five tracks in total, including a new mix version of Birth of a New Witch.

Keeping up the tradition for the past few events, Rokugen Alice's latest will be 独裁者ノススメ (Dokusaisha no Susume), the title of which comes from a track in their Omen of Seven CD. More info to follow.

Shoujo Byou is currently working on two new albums to be released at C78.

Oshima Hiroyuki is releasing a new CD called ハルモニア (Harmonia). The lead vocalist will be Misawa Aki.

Ether and MiddleIsland are collaborating on a new single called Majestic Ensemble, their second collaboration since C74's 無始無終 (Mushimushuu). In addition, they will be releasing a free CD, which contains one track from each group.

Ayutrica's fifth single will be called 眩惑の霧(ネーベル) - Dër Nēbel dës Trugida - (Genwaku no Nebel). It will contain two tracks. Also, there are words that their third album will be released this winter, but there is no plan to include the songs from their 4th and 5th singles in the album.

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  1. This is the best thing I've heard all week, I'm really looking forward to the next Comiket now. Thank you for the updates as always :]