Saturday, July 17, 2010

C78 News Part 2

C78 is less than a month away, and some of the circles finally release details about their upcoming work.

Asriel will be releasing a new single, titled 蒼い瞳の光は消えゆ (Aoi Hitomi no Hikaru ha Kieyu). Although the official site hasn't put up a special page for the single yet, the cover jacket and tracklist (plus sample tracks) can be found on the online store website.

Closed/Underground is working on an interesting project to help raise fund for Miyazaki Prefecture, which has recently been plagued by foot-and-mouth disease. The album will be called ぼくらにできることの、ひとつ。 (Bokura ni Dekiru Koto no, Hitotsu.) Aside from Katakiri Rekka herself, other vocalists include Kaori Michiru, Chata, nayuta, Marie, Mitose Noriko, and yuiko. Composers will consist of HIR, dai, Dani, Hashimoto Kyouya, 羽鳥風画, ぺーじゅん (Clock Music), bermei.inazawa, Hosoi Soshi, Meis Clauson, Morrigan, and Luck Ganriki.

Lolita Neurosis will be releasing a new work called メトロノームとファジィ論理 (Metronom to Fuzzy Ronri). No detail on whether it'll be an album or a single yet.

Lotus root Orchestra will be releasing a new single, temporary titled タナトスの誘惑 (Thanatos no Yuuwaku). The demo is up on the website.'s website has been revamped in preparation for the next project, tentatively called ハツコイノウタ. Participants include Chata, Manack, たくまる (Takumaru), and くない瓜 (Kunai Uri).

love solfege has announced it's working on a new album to be released at C78.

laudese's Sawamizu Haruna will be collaborating with RomariaCrusade's Takanashi Mako on a new album called 空と大地のコンテーザ = Contesa of Sky and Ground =. Demo tracks are available on the website.

Queen of Wand has officially announced that it will cease to use the circle name STELS806. After C78, it will be universally called Queen of Wand. In addition, the url for the official website has changed. They are planning to release a new project at C78, though no detail has been announced yet.