Friday, April 30, 2010

M3-25 News Part 8

I apologize for bombarding you with more M3-25 news again. It serves as a record to myself as well lest I forget.

Enfance fini's Noe, under her solo circle name ソラユラ (Sorayura) is releasing an a cappella album named エルダ (Erda). She's responsible for composition, lyrics and vocal. Although it's under her solo circle name, both Sugi and Nyol of Enfance fini are helping out with illustration and mixing respectively. Noe has provided the vocal for Bernkastel's image song in the Umineko image album "Rokkenjima in Love".

Aside from さかしま月の歌 (Sakashima Tsuki no Uta), Romaria Crusade will also be releasing their 10th album, titled ぼくのはるやすみ (Boku no Haruyasumi) at M3-25.

After releasing a whole collection of Tohou arranged albums, 君の美術館 (Kimi no Museum) will at last release a new original album as a part of their monologue collection. The album is called monologue ~交差する彼方の旋律~ (Kousasuru Achira no Senritsu). Characters from their C75 album monologue ~今宵、盗みます~ (Koyoi, Nusumimasu) will appear in the new album, along with two new characters.

浮森かや子 (Chikamori Kayako) of 幼蚕文庫 (Osanako Bunko) released her first solo mini album at M3-23. And this year she will be releasing a new mini album named 御好きなやうに (Osukinayauni), with Mameko as guest vocalist.

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