Wednesday, April 28, 2010

M3-25 News Part 7 (final, probably)

Unless I've forgotten about something (again), this should be the final M3-25 news before the big day. (Seriously, what's happening this year? There are so many interesting things to look forward to.) A listing of every participating circle can be found here. It might take awhile for new releases to pop up, so please bear with me.

As mentioned before, Hatsuki Yura will be releasing two new CDs at M3-25. One is her collaboration with Stretta di Mano's Tsukiko called Iconostasis (イコノスタシス), a "respect" album for the manga and anime series Seikon no Qwaser. The first half of the album will contain vocal tracks and the second half instrumental tracks.

Yura's other project is a collaboration with 趣味工房にんじんわいん's (Hobby Atelier CarrotWine) Ara, titled Garnet Bride. The webpage for the album is up at Ara's site.

mimei's latest addition to their toki-jiku series will be a single called 幻戯世界 (Genki Sekai). There will be three tracks in total; preview, as well as a trailer, is available on their website.

Good things come to those who wait, it seems. Yanagi Nagi, under her solo circle name CorLeonis, will be releasing her second original album, オールトの夢 (Oort no Yume). Preview is available on her website.

Mamyukka's upcoming album will be called Nightmare Opera. Participating vocalists include KAZUMA, ゆきね (Yukine), 南条あきら (Nanjo Akira), and Mamyukka's very own Mameko.

Krik/Krak will be releasing their third album, titled Nursery Rhymes2 たそがれ道化師 (Tasogare Doukeshi). The album will include songs they have released for their web project, also titled Tasogare Doukeshi. (It's a shame that their first mini album, Nursery Rhymes, is nearly impossible to find.)

O+N Factory's latest single will be そよ風ランドリー (Soyokaze Laundry). Vocalist will include 塩屋リコ (Shioya Riko), LUCA, Annabel, and 凪佳二 (Nagi Oni).

Chata will be once more working with Clock Music on their latest project, titled みどり/百万の眠り (Midori / Hyakuman no Nemuri).

Chata and iyuna, under the circle name my sound life, will be releasing a CD called light.

encounter+ will be releasing Akashic Record., a best album containing songs they have composed for various PC games.

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