Thursday, October 19, 2017

M3-40 News: The usual suspects (for the most part)

Hi, it's been awhile. M3-40 will take place on Oct 29th.

Annabel - Nylon Town
With sound production by inktrans, Taguchi Shouichi (Sentimental Vector), bassy and Hasuo Masayuki (siraph).

Guava Co. - Guava Co.
Guava Co. is a collaboration between foolen and takezou (Studio Kurage), and this one will be their second album.

bq studio - 春の魔法 (Haru no Mahou)
New album from b and qurter. A free demo CD containing two of the tracks from the album was released at M3-39.

The Spring Beach Works. - 百面相 "About my multiple personalities" (Hyakumensou)
All songs composed and performed by Nina Branch. Arrangement by Harry.

Primary - liberator
The group's 15th album.

I.L.C -Image Leaf Craft (Orikura Toshinori) - Ribbon
An album with yuri as the theme. Participating vocalists include Yura Mari, Takizawa Ichiru, Sakamoto Misato, Mitose Noriko, Alstar (Konno Sei x Nakamura Meiko), Rita, KAKO♪ and Mundi renovatio.

Corky Voce - The Front and Back
After two years of silence, Corky Voce (Hirose Sayaka and Fujimiya Kei) is back with a new album.

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