Wednesday, April 26, 2017

M3-39 News Part 3

Queen of Wand - BEST side 赤 Radiant Living Red
Queen of Wand - BEST side 白 Sugar White Symposium
Queen of Wand is releasing two best albums to celebrate their 10th anniversary. Side Red, represented by Little Red Riding Hood, is rich, serious and aggressive. Side White, represented by Snow White, is ephemeral, beautiful and romantic. Both albums will contain a new song.

ABSOLUTE CASTAWAY (Nakae Mitsuki) - 刀心幻戯 序 (Toshin Genki Jo)
I can't access AC's website, but you can find a preview of the album here.

And onto the gothic and symphonic rock/metal arena.

Hatsuki Yura - Ghost Sense

Rokugen Alice - Allegory

MISLIAR (KOKOMI) - Questions

AuteCouture (Takuma Tani x KOKOMI) - Blanc noir meteoroid

Ariabl'eyeS - 涙想オートマタ (Ruisou Automata)

Seraph - Black Dahlia

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