Saturday, April 23, 2016

M3-37 News: Final

Some last minute M3-37 news.

Queen of Wand - Justice Lily(幕間)~リンゴ人形の記憶
A special single to the upcoming final chapter of their three-part series.

753. (Shimotsuki Haruka & Hiyama Nao) - 永遠を灯すランジェ

The final Cd to 753.'s Lanjerd series. With guest vocalists Chata and mao.

siraph - siraph (mini album)
siraph - current mood vol.1 (single, only available at M3-37)
A new band consisting of Annabel (vocal), Hasuo Masayuki (keyboard), Terui Yoshimasa (guitar), Yamasaki Hideaki (bass), Yamashita Ken (drums) and yuma saito (VJ). The mini album will have a general release on May 18.

And it looks like binaria is going to release some new goods at M3-37 to celebrate their 10th anniversary.

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