Saturday, December 27, 2014

C87 News Part 2

WAVE - Norn
Latest from WAVE. As always with Lily on vocal, plus Hiiragi Yuka providing the voice acting.

Eclipseed - 漆黒のDhampir (Shikkoku no Dhampir)
Eclipseed's 6th single is the latest addition to their "Vampire Series", setting up for their upcoming 2nd album.

axsword (onoken) - Testimony
onoken's 3rd album. With moco, b and Rin on vocal, and GaQdan on strings.

Mikazuki Sofa (millie) - ほしいろトラベル (Hoshi Iro Travel)
millie's 2nd solo album. With music written by by millie herself and Hatsunetsumiko's Tim Vegas.

Canaria Rhythm (Takanashi Mako) - 対想サタイヤ (Taisou satire)
The latest addition within the MTP series.

Ampersand You - 東京ラグーン (Tokyo Lagoon)
The circle's 3rd release will be a new album. Participating composers include Nagao Yoshihisa (binaria), nk (Ampersand You), Oshima Hiroyuki, Q flavor, Fukami Chie, takezou (Studio-Kurage) and myu. Participating vocalists include: Annabel, Touka Hako, nayuta, Fukami Chie, foolen and Chata.

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