Saturday, December 21, 2013

C85 News Part 1.5

Absolute Castaway - ノクトメモリア (Noctis Memoria)
A piano arrangement of songs chosen from Nakae Mitsuki's repertoire, with 宇都圭輝 (Uto Keiki) on piano, and Tomo on violin.

Rokugen Alice - 不思議の国の音哲樂 夢語り篇 -先見- (Fushigi no Kuni no Ontetsuraku ~Yumegatari Hen -Senken-)
The sequel (?) to their last album. A 3-track single leading to a new album, to be released (I assume) later next year.

bassy - 青春サラバイ・前編 (Seishun Sarabai Zeiben)
bassy's new mini album, with Fukami Chie, Annabel and Chata on vocal. More participating vocalists to be announced later.

G protein-coupled receptor - Evanescence
Feels like I haven't heard this group in a while. New single with vocalists Nanjo Akira, F9 and yuiko.

Aki no Sora (Misawa Aki) - ぼくらの朝におはよう (Bokura no Asa ni Ohayou)
New single. One song + instrumental.

canoue - canoueIII~海に眠る王国~ (Umi ni Nemuru Oukoku)
New original fantasy CD. They released their first major 1st mini album just a while ago.

Initium Records - ツキナミのコト3 (Tsuki Nami no Koto 3)
Yuka's new single.

Geographic - touch
A combination of short stories written by novelist Morita Kisetsu and music sung by Fukami Chie.

Chocolate Lolita - Dearest
A solo project for Ether's vocalist, ouri. She released her first solo album "Dialogue" back in 2010. Dearest will be her second solo album, consisting of Gothic, rock and metal.

Eclipseed - HURRICANE!
A very un-Eclipseed-like title. Anyway, this will be the circle's 4th single.

In other news, Abyss will be Asriel's final indie album. They've signed Salt Inc. a while back. An Asriel Indies Complete CD Box will be released later on, exact date of release and content to be announced.

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