Thursday, October 27, 2011

M3-28 News Part 4

mimei - 胡蝶夜話~未明堂異聞Ⅱ (Cocho-yawa ~Mimeido Bun II)
mimei's latest album. And may I add that their website is too pretty?

Mamyukka - The Pocket Pocky Circus -Invitation-
A preview single of some sort to their upcoming album "KIng Piglot". The special page is adorable as always.

Cafe;Chiffon - Classic chocolat
The group's 4th single.

Lotus root Orchestra - フラッグフロッグブロック(再) (FFB)
Contains remix of Yuka's older songs plus one new song.

project -ALCA- - regenerate
A very impression vocalist list. Main vocalists are Yanagi Nagi, marina (AKA one of the vocalists of Angel Beats' Girls Dead Monster), lasah, and Tada Aoi. Guest vocalists include Fukami Chie and Nakae Mitsuki.

Hatsuki Yura - Mystic Girl
Yura's latest collaboration with Tetsushi.

Attrielectrock - ALiCINEMATIC
Yet another musical reimagining of Alice in Wonderland, this time with mostly instrumental tracks. The style isn't the usual twisted fairy tale, but more gentle and soothing.

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