Monday, August 1, 2011

C80 News Part 1

Yosh, after a month long break, I'm rejuvenated enough to listen to doujin music again. I'm trying out a new format for the news post so that I don't have to type as much. Besides, it looks a lot cleaner.

Rokugen Alice - 緋の境界と二つの夜 -Prologue A- & -Prologue B- (Hi no Kyoukai to Futatsu no Yoru)
These two singles take the form of an exchange diary between two girls. The story takes place in the same universe as "Alice in the Necrosis" and "Aka no Lorelei", but with two new girls as main characters.

Lotus root Orchestra - 光の三原則 (Hikari no Sangensoku)
Yuka's mini album. It's Yuka, so I'm keeping an eye on this.

Absolute Castaway - Ricerca
Nakae Mitsuki's 1st best album.

FataMorgana - 120回言えなかったこと (120kai Ie Nagatta Koto)
YuNa's new solo single after more than a year is, for a lack of a better term, strange as always, though in a good way.

Alieson - Over Dose
A sequel of some sort to their previous M3-27 album, "Need A Reason", continuing with the theme colour blue and creepy cover art.

Alieson - Dolls
A collection of songs Alieson has provided for projects outside of their circle.

Paradise Eve - 少女ルビー (Shoujo Ruby)
Part 2 of the Seishoujo (Holy Maiden) trilogy, following M3-27's Shoujo Sapphire. This time around we have the Middle Eastern flair.

Queen of Wand - Happy Madrigal
"Colourful voice combined with colourful music to weave together a tale of happiness."

Voltage of Imagination - Kusoh Katsugeki 2
Sequel to Kusoh Katsugeki. Unlike the variety in volume 1, nearly all the songs in volume 2 sound like typical anime songs.

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  1. I am looking forward for the Voltage of Imagination one~ Hope it is good as the the previous ones! x3