Saturday, December 19, 2009

C77 News Part 4

3x6 & Subrocrecordings will be releasing a serial experiments lain image album titled Subhuman. Notable guest artists include binaria's Nagao Yoshihisa and RUN GIRLS RUN's Fukami Chie.

love solfege' has announced its newest project at last. It's called "the note of satanism", and as expected, the premise behind the album is demons and satanism. This album marks the introduction of a new member, 綾野えいり (Ayano Eiri), who will be responsible for vocal. Guest vocalists include 月子 (Tsukiko), Jenya, Katakiri Rekka, and 西沢はぐみ (Nishizawa Hagumi).

Luna-Haze's latest project will be a 1-CD voice drama/music album called Broken-Chord. After the futuristic detective drama of Milde-Sorte and medieval fantasy a la Dies=Nova, the story of Broken-Chord will take place in a 20th-century American city, hence expect some light swing and bossa nova.

mimei, continuing its 非時toki-jiku series, will be releasing a single titled ぜんまい島綺譚. According to the blog, the story and the lyrics of this single are inspired by Edogawa Ranpo (the father of Japanese mystery novels), Mother Goose, and Hans Christian Andersen.

Shoujo Byou's C77 entry will be an "original fantasy vocal" single called 慟哭ルクセイン. The premise of the single will be about the friendship between a boy and a black wolf. Sample track to be posted.

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