Wednesday, December 16, 2009

C77 News Part 3

Alieson has announced that they will not be releasing a new CD at C77. Instead they will be giving out for free an 8-page booklet called Recollections Memories2009, detailing the albums they have released in 2009, as well as information on their 2010 spring project.

Chata will be releasing a new album under her own circle, Usagi Kinoko. The title of the new album is Kaleidoscope. There will be 11 tracks in total.

FataMorgana's こぐまのこころ/夢の風 will finally be released at C77. A promo video is available.

Hana to Onyx and Usa Colony will be sharing a booth this year. forest (usa, also known as Hana) will be releasing a mini album called ローレライ (Lorelei, or Die Lorelei). The mini album will include the song from the preview CD released at M3-24, along with four new songs.

hi-mi is releasing a "girl's compilation album" called Ring. Members include Yuka, Fukami Chie, frayja, Ataiwadareka, くにい (Kunii), with 甲斐ゆう (y.Kai) as the project leader.

The tracklist for Rokugen Alice's latest album 骨董店 『Mystique』 has been announced. According to the info on the site, they have included mystery element in this album. A limited special CD titled 骨董店 『Mystique』 ~或る画家の肖像~ will also be available at the event. A promo video for the album has been posted on the site.

STELS806/Queen of Wand has announced its latest album will be called 迷宮ヲトメ図鑑.

A 6-minute PV for Voltage of Imagination's Kusoh Katsugeki has been posted on Youtube and NicoNico Douga. To watch the PV, scroll down until you see the logos for Youtube and NicoNico, then click on one of the logos.

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